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Tobacco smoking, Immunodeficiencies, Alcoholism, Chronic cardiovascular pathology, Long-term use of cytostatics, hormones and other immunosuppressants, Diseases of the bronchopulmonary apparatus, Dust and gas contamination of the air at work and at home, Poor ecology, General and local hypothermia, Allergy, Congenital anomalies in the development of the respiratory system , Prolonged bed rest, Conditions after operations and invasive manipulations, The presence of foci of chronic infection - caries, sinusitis, otitis media, rhinopharyngitis, tonsillitis, furunculosis, Stress, neurological disorders, prolonged depression, Hypo- and avitaminosis, Autoimmune pathologies and endocrinopathies, Injuries and chest bruises.

In children, the factors provoking the development of pathology are: prematurity, intrauterine hypoxia, malformations, birth injuries, vertical infection of the fetus from a sick mother.

Microbes enter the body by aerogenic way when communicating with a sick person, by contact - through dirty hands, by hematogenous way - in the presence of chronic foci of infection in the body. In response to the introduction of bacteria and viruses into the bronchial and lung tissue, local immunity is activated, inflammation develops. The mucous membrane of the bronchi and bronchioles swells, overflows with blood, hyperproduction of the mucous secretion by glandular cells occurs. Bronchopneumonia is usually accompanied by the formation of baricitinib pills exudate that fills the bronchi and alveoli. That is why it is also called catarrhal pneumonia. Due to inflammation, the bronchi cease to fully perform the function of drainage, which leads to aspiration of baricitinib mucus into the distal structures of the bronchopulmonary apparatus. The lower and posterior segments of the lungs become inflamed.

In the affected tissues, microcirculation is disturbed, the alveoli are filled with exudate and lose their airiness.

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Bronchopneumonia is characterized by a multiplicity of isolated foci affecting one or more pulmonary lobes. The affected areas are gray-yellow in color with a dry consistency. In children, they are not separated and tend to merge.

Newborns and children under 3 years old, Persons of baricitinib pills, Patients with chronic lung diseases, People with heart pathologies, Experienced smokers.

Unilateral bronchopneumonia - the development of a pathological process in the lung tissue on the right or left. On the one hand, the formation of a lesion is associated with the penetration of a large number of microbes into this area and the accumulation of infection in one place.

Right-sided bronchopneumonia occurs when the primary lesion is located on the left. This unusual pattern is due to the location of the main right bronchus obliquely from top to bottom.

This feature leads to the concentration of bacteria in the lower lung. Left-sided bronchopneumonia is a complication of a cold. This form of pathology is often asymptomatic or atypical, which makes it difficult to carry out diagnostic and treatment procedures and makes it life-threatening.

Bilateral bronchopneumonia is called croupous by pulmonologists. Outwardly, the lesions resemble grains of grain. First, the alveolar acini become inflamed, and then the entire lung tissue.

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Bilateral bronchopneumonia occurs mainly in children and is characterized by an extremely severe course. In the absence of timely therapy, a fatal outcome is possible. Bronchopneumonias are segmental, focal-segmental and focal. The latter form of baricitinib pills is considered the most common. It is characterized by the formation of foci of 1 cm or more in the lung tissue. Regardless of the type and localization of the lesion, all forms of pathology have common pathogenetic mechanisms.

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Clinical manifestations of bronchopneumonia: baricitinib - an increase in body temperature, first to 38 or 39 degrees, and in the absence of medical care - to higher values. General weakness, feeling unwell, hyperhidrosis, muscle pain, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance. The cough began dry and then wet. Mucous sputum is secreted, sometimes with streaks of blood.


Shortness of baricitinib - first when walking and other physical exertion, and as the underlying disease progresses - at rest. Acrocyanosis is a blue discoloration of areas distant from the heart: the nasolabial triangle, the tips of the ears and nose, and the fingers. Rapid breathing due to hypoxia. Unpleasant sensations and pain in the chest of a stabbing or pulling character. Arthralgia is pain and discomfort in the joints. Herpetic eruptions on the lips. Coating of the tongue - the appearance of a rough white coating on it. Tachycardia - rapid heartbeat up to 110 beats per minute. Shortening of the percussion sound, the presence of a tympanic shade. Intermittent fine bubbling and dry rales. Vesicular respiration. Muffled heart sounds. Neutrophil leycocytosis, increased ESR.

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